A Thankful New Year

On January 1, 2015, I would like to express my thanks for the people who have blessed us this year.
First, thank you to Twyla, who said that we should seriously consider moving to Tanzania, to do the Lord’s work there. Many people think I’m dragging her half-way around the workd, and they want to know how she feels about that. It was her idea, and I’m thankful to be married to a woman who is devoted to the Lord’s work.
I’m blown away by the support we have recieved. So many people donated money for our trip in May, and again for the trip we are now preparing for. We have been coached by Everrt Huffard and Brian Davis, both of whom bave been a true blessing.
I am particularly amazed by the support from my co-workers at FedEx. One coworker was the first person to donate to our work. My boss, Mary Harvey Gurley, went above and beyond. She was instumental in raising over half our funds. My upper management and the management team that I supported were very generous.
We have been adopted by Lewis & Tammy’s parents. Both couples spent many years on the mission field, and invest their efforts in supporting missionaries. We are blessed by our own heritage of family members who are veterans of the Lord’s Army.
And this week, we have been blessed to be guests of Billy and Mary Kniffen, who have been teaching us about rainwater harvesting. Today, Billy taught me how to weld, and we built a modification for the rack on my truck.
We are thankful for all of these, and for many others we haven’t mentioned.

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