Rainwater Project

Here’s the deal:


A 10,000 liter tank similar to these costs about $2000 to purchase and install. We’re looking for 15 people or churches to step up and provide enough for one tank.

That will allow us to install a “starter kit” of 100,000 liters of water storage, as well as a solar or wind-powered pumping system at Tanzania Christian Clinic and Tanzania Christian Academy for Science. The system will collect rainwater in the rainy season, and in the dry season will provide clean water for their students and patients.

It’s an expandable system. If we can raise more money, we can buy more tanks, or we can build a huge concrete cistern. We hope to travel to Tanzania late in February, and spend the next 90 days building this system.

Building a rainwater capture system isn’t our long-term dream for our mission work. We’re committed to evangelism. But doing this will give us an opportunity to work with the entire Monduli mission team, all of us together in Tanzania for the first time. And we can meet one of the needs of the clinic and school.

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